Hurt Back

Hurt Back


This patient moved to a different city and away from her favorite chiropractor. As a result, she stopped treatment and the pain returned worse than it was before.


Gaining trust and caring for patients

I was seeing a chiropractor in the city I used to live in, then we moved. I was so happy with my previous chiropractor, that I didn’t think any other chiropractor could help me as much as they did. So I didn’t continue my treatment when we moved here.

I have a broken tailbone as a result of a fall on the ice some time ago. Because I was stubborn and did not continue treatment, I gradually spiraled into so much pain that I couldn’t stand it. So upon the recommendation of my husband who met one of the Stucky chiropractors at a business event, I went to their clinic.

My first impression of Stucky Chiropractic was very positive. Their staff was lovely over the phone and I had the same positive experience when walking into their office for the first time.

At my first appointment with Dr. Kyle, I was so scared. I was in so much pain and I didn’t want anyone to know how much pain I was in. Walking was painful, bending was painful, everything hurt. I couldn’t exercise anymore, my pain was at a level 10.


It has been such a positive experience to feel better.

I had the spinal rejuvenation treatment. It was hard but worth it. I was to lay on the pads for 20 minutes twice a day. I had to build up to it – I was in so much pain I would crawl to the pad and at the beginning, I was only able to stay on it for two minutes. It was a lot of work on my part, but I did it and now I am much better.



I can jump and I can do all the things that I couldn’t do before going to Dr. Kyle



I was walking hunched over and now I am walking tall. My family used to say to me “stand up straight!” but I couldn’t. Now I stand tall and my posture is great.



This point has nothing to do with my treatment, but the staff took the time to learn how to say my name and called me by my name properly, where most people mispronounce it. This is a little thing, but it is a big thing to me.

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