Hot Stone Massage Therapy

hot stone massage at stucky chiropractic in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Overview

Experience a blending of modern massage therapy and an ancient tradition of using heated stones on the body.

Hot stone is a specialty massage offered at Stucky Chiropractic in the Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls area. Your massage therapist uses warm, smooth stones during the massage, relaxing your muscles and stimulating circulation.

Hot stone offers many immediate and long-term benefits, both physical and psychological.

Physical Benefits

The warm stones heat and relax the muscle and improve circulation as the therapist gently applies pressure and moves the stones over the body.

Any type of massage therapy can relieve pain, however, the heat from the warm stones allows the massage therapist to penetrate into your deeper body tissue, meaning you may feel better physically after the massage, noticing relief from muscle tension and pain.

Psychological Benefits

You may also feel better mentally due to the many psychological benefits. The relaxation from massages may help ease stress and tension, leading to better sleep, decreased anxiety, and improved overall health.

Massage therapy also stimulates the release of endorphins, your body’s “feel-good” hormone, which has been shown to minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Hot Stone and Chiropractic Adjustments

Hot stone massage is a great addition to chiropractic care.

Muscle tightness has the ability to interfere with chiropractic adjustments. Sometimes, muscles are so tight they are holding the vertebras in place, making it difficult to move them. The heat from the warm stones is able to penetrate into your deeper body tissue, which may loosen the muscles around the vertebras, allowing your chiropractor to more easily move them.

Consider scheduling hot stone massage therapy before your next chiropractic adjustment! Contact us today to schedule a hot stone massage therapy, or ask your chiropractor if it can help you.