Wellness Club

Stucky Chiropractic Center, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Chiroprator, Back DoctorInterested in becoming an exclusive member in our Wellness Club? Here’s how!

Taking key supplemental nutrients can provide a major advantage for the immune system and allow it to effectively fend off larger amounts of stress and microbial debris. To save money on all Stucky Chiropractic Center supplements and wellness products, join our Wellness Club! Simply visit Stucky Chiropractic Center during normal operating hours and join at the front desk. Wellness Club members receive 20% off all products* all year and 25% off of all sale items. Savings start immediately!


Cost: $25 Annual Fee (Renewable in the month you start)

Included: Wellness Club members receive 20% off ALL supplements and wellness products* and 25% off sale items and supplements of the month!

*Excluded products include Ideal Protein and Pettibon Supplies.