Mother’s Day Quote Contest Winners!

Mother's Day ContestThanks to all those who played our Mother’s Day Quote game and to our generous sponsors for their prize contributions! All winners will also receive a 20% discount on their studio project at Craving Canvas! Here are the Winners!

Winner of the Eau Claire Children’s Museum Family Pass – Brendan, Jr. (2 years old) with this quote which requires a little bit of set up first. Brendan’s puppy’s name is Buddy, but he can’t say “Buddy”, so he says “Baby.” He greets the puppy every morning by saying “Hey Baby (his version of Buddy) – Lick me! Hey Baby, lick me!”

Winner of the Family 4 Pack to the Eau Claire Express Game – Evan (5 years old) – Evan, obviously a huge Star Wars fan (even hummed the theme song for mom’s answering machine) is quoted saying: “I love you to Tatooine and back.” For those of us not up on Star Wars, our office had to Google Tatooine to find out it is a make-believe desert world in Star Wars.

Winner of the Family 4 Pack to Action City – Julia (3 years old) – Possibly Julia is destined to be a teacher or a judge, with the quote: “If it is not good for me, then why are you doing it?”

Winner of the Family 4 Pack to Chaos Water Park – Alex (6 years old) – Maybe a future doctor? When he was told about the new baby in mommy’s tummy, his reply was “Did you eat it?”

Winner of the Stucky Combo Pack (Dynamic Greens and Protein Powder) – Garret (5 years old) said to his mom “I love you more than a hot dog on a summer day.”

Thanks for sharing the fun. Happy Mother’s Day!