“Sprinting preferentially burns body fat without sacrificing muscle mass like excessive endurance training will.”

What is it?

Sprinting is running over a short distance, maintaining full speed, in a limited period of time.

How to?

  •  Warm up, brisk walk, few minutes on a bike, dynamic stretches, a few squat jumps
  • Few trial ramp ups, 50-80% intensity
  • Can be done by running, cycling, rowing, elliptical, jump-rope, burpees, squats, swimming, and running in water: 4 minutes!
  • Running uphill is a great & easy on joints
  • If new to sprinting, hold off for few sessions before you sprint full out!
  • Cool down, walk 5 minutes, sit in a squat


  • Sprinting is anaerobic (increases muscle mass & strength). Sprinting promotes fat loss, muscle building, and improved health.