Halloween and Sugar Consumption

Candy during holidays seems almost inevitable: there are candy and sweets at every single one of them. Which do you prefer? The chocolate Easter bunny, Valentine heart-shaped variety box, or the decorated Christmas sugar cookies? Perhaps, Halloween is the worst of the bunch, because the primary celebration includes sending costumed children to go trick-or-treating for handfuls of wrapped sugar.

Do you ever wonder why everyone starts getting sick near the beginning of November? Maybe it’s because the kids are well into school or that the seasons are changing, but Halloween candy does not help matters. According to 2013 data collected by Coupon Follow, the average child will eat about 3 cups of sugar on Halloween, which results in almost 16 times the recommended amount of sugar they should consume.

Excessive sugar consumption can immediately suppress your immune system and make you more vulnerable to colds, flu, and other infections, as well as cause the following effects to your health:

  •         Overloading and damaging your liver
  •         Tricking your body into gaining weight and affecting your insulin and leptin signaling
  •         Causing metabolic dysfunction
  •         Increasing uric acid levels

Keep you and your children from indulging in too much sugar. Our recommendation? Allow your kids a few pieces of candy and then give the rest away. Most young children will move onto something else and forget all about the candy. Help them reduce their daily sugar consumption – it will help them stay healthy year-round.

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