4 Healthy Wellness Tips – Learning To Eat Well

“Learning how to eat has been a process for me.”

While I was growing up, I believed our household ate really healthy; it seemed our diet soda and choices of grains were ‘healthy’ food. If part of the meal was noodles or bread it was whole wheat; if we had chips they would be baked and pop would be diet. I believed I knew what was healthy growing up. Even through my pregnancy I followed the advice of my medical doctor on eating, only to discover later, there were much better options for my, and my baby’s, health.

Following my “experts” (family & medical doctors), was not leading me to a healthy weight or healthy eating habits. What was I missing? I have discovered, a few key things that I would like to pass on to help you!

#1 Listen to what my body is telling me. When I ate certain foods, I would crave more, yet I would feel bloated, and unhealthy. That didn’t stop me from eating those foods. I had compulsive cravings for carb-filled foods and sugar. I wanted so badly to have freedom from the scale and food cravings; I needed retraining. Simply choosing a similar more healthy option made all the difference.

#2 Food journaling was a key part of me figuring out what foods made me feel healthy. I was listening to my body. I would record daily food intake and I would ask “What is my body telling me about these foods?” Journaling helped me to have a new relationship with food. I began eliminating the foods that were unhealthy for me. Journaling takes eating beyond calorie or carb counting. There was a sense of freedom at last!

#3 Social Eating Motto. I found it more difficult to stick with healthy eating when there was a social event, or during holidays or when eating out. My motto became “Where will this food get me, and do I want to go there?” That helped me think through how I felt the last time I ate that food and to decide if it was really worth the symptoms or added weight. I was empowered to make a healthy decision.

#4 Break the Cycle In the past, my eating habits often caused me to get into a vicious cycle of being depressed, frustrated, or even fearful of the scale. I did not use food as the messenger to a healthy body, instead food held some invisible value to define who I was. The cycle gets broken when you are accountable to what you know are healthy choices, listening to your body’s reactions, and following through with the healthy option.

Each day I continually learn how to eat based on what my body tells me feels good. I can help you do the same! Make this a healthy eating day! See www.stuckyweightloss.com for open house dates to learn more.