Ideal You Coach’s Corner – Holiday Eating

Being a coach gets especially tough and sometimes uncomfortable around the holiday season. Sometimes, I have to make a tough call, or say things that people don’t necessarily want to hear, but it’s in their best interest to hear.

As you might imagine, we typically don’t see a lot of new clients committing to the Ideal Protein program, or focusing on their wellness goals or cleaning up their eating with holiday parties and delectable foods everywhere. But for many of my clients, they find this time of year (and I wholeheartedly agree), is the best time for extra accountability. A friend of mine reminded me “As coaches, our role is not always cheerleading.”

My responsibility as coach does not end when I punch out of work. All of my clients start day one with my cell phone number so that they can get support at any moment. I take that support and responsibility very seriously as it’s not just weight we are working on, but ultimately it’s about over all well-being.

Everyone’s individual situation matters to me and my attention is given to understanding each client’s unique needs. I can completely relate as I was on the program 7 years ago at this exact time of year and still have to focus more on my health and wellness during the season of delicacies. We can find so many reasons “not to”… I know, because at one point I convinced myself they were true.

A myriad of excuses…Any of these sound familiar?:

We’re just too busy”

I don’t want to miss out on all the traditional foods”

We have so many holiday parties it’s too hard to stay on the program”

I can wait until everything calms down”

I’ve learned that our excuses will convince us there is never “a good time” to start. It’s not just the holidays, there is always one more reason “why not to.”

Let me assure you, the hardest times in our lives are the times we need, and deserve, extra support and accountability.


Let us help you take the first step. Together we can make small steps and then with each subsequent step it becomes easier to take the next one. Soon, the way you were feeling, and the choices you were making will fade away & new actions will transform your life.

Do you experience any of these negatives?:

Hiding behind layers of clothes, missing gatherings due to lack of energy or embarrassment, poor lab results and blood tests

Trade the negative for a new you. For me, I didn’t want to miss out on photos with my family, laughing until we cried because grandma spilled her plate all over her shirt AGAIN, or talking about my dad’s family holidays when they were kids because I was so full, uncomfortable, or in a “food coma.”

This year, I challenge you to remember why we want to be our best selves in these moments. It’s about focusing on making memories, and participating in all the important moments.