Let Innate Run the Show

By Dr. Tim Gunderson

On behalf of Stucky Chiropractic Center

It has been said amongst chiropractors… “remove the interference, and let innate run the show”.   What exactly does this mean for the non-chiropractor?  One of the core principles of chiropractic is a concept called “innate intelligence”.  Innate intelligence is the created, inborn intelligence of the body to perceive, recognize, integrate, and adapt to its surroundings to keep homeostasis (health) in the body.  Two great examples of this are when pupils adapt to the amount of light they perceive and when the body causes a fever to burn off bad viruses or bacteria.  These two examples are showing how the body intelligently handles outside influences that may want to push it out of homeostasis.

The nervous system is the supreme system in the body that allows innate intelligence to be expressed.  The nervous system’s ability to function properly is what produces health in the body.  When there is interference in the nervous system, there will be interference to the expression of innate.  With interference, the body cannot maintain homeostasis or health.  There are many services that we provide at Stucky Chiropractic Center — such as adjustments to the spine, spinal rejuvenation therapy, low-level laser therapy, spinal decompression, Ideal Protein Weight Loss System, Graston Technique, bone density screening and others.  Ultimately these services aim to help remove interference and allow “innate to run the show” for our patients.  When innate is expressed optimally, the body heals and health is restored. As chiropractors, we do not heal you; we act like a catalyst in the normal healing process.  We remove interference and allow innate intelligence to work.

Why is this important for the public to understand?  Because everything we hear, read, & watch on television and in our media goes against this law of life.  Our society ignores this fundamental law of how our body works, and we try to “manufacture health” through a pill, potion, or lotion.  Any time we try to “outsmart” our body, we have negative consequences.

Perhaps the most amazing display of innate intelligence is when two cells unite, replicate into 2, 4, 16 cells, and so forth until almost 10 months later you have a baby formed by 26 billion cells.  Did you tell your body to form and differentiate that many cells?  No, your body innately knew what to do.  That same intelligence is always at work repairing and healing you.  Our job, as chiropractors, is to remove the interference and let innate run the show!

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