3 Important Reasons to See a Chiropractor After An Accident

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Have you been in an automobile accident?

Suffered whiplash or a sprain strain injury?

There are 3 very important reasons why you should see a chiropractor after an automobile accident, or after incurring any type of soft tissue, sprain/strain injury.

1. Quality of Healing Impacts End Results

The most important reason to seek chiropractic care immediately following an automobile accident or personal injury is that the quality of healing that occurs in the early phases of treating an injury has a tremendous impact on whether you have complete recovery or end up with permanent impairment. When the proper protocols are followed immediately after any type of trauma the outcome is always better.

At Stucky Chiropractic Center, our knowledgeable doctors are highly trained and experienced in injury healing protocols. Each person under our care receives an individualized evaluation of their injury and a customized plan is developed to achieve the greatest results possible. The sooner after an automobile accident or injury that chiropractic is utilized, in conjunction with other common therapy protocols for healing, the greater the long-term benefits to the patient.

Stucky Chiropractic is Equipped to Help Your Body Heal Naturally and Non-Invasively

Stucky Chiropractic is a wellness center designed to take care of even the most severe automobile accident injury, personal injury, whiplash, and every day movements that affect the health of the spine. We offer manual and instrument adjustments, spinal decompression, spinal rejuvenation therapy, massage therapy, low level laser therapy and Graston therapy to help speed and improve the healing process. More information on our services is available here.

2. Chiropractic Manages Whiplash Injuries Without Medication

Secondly, a whiplash type injury can occur following an automobile accident. What can happen, even in a low-speed car accident, is that spinal joint mechanics can become disrupted as a result of the involuntary movements of the head and neck during the crash. This can result in a whiplash type injury. There are two main ways that the joint mechanics are affected due to trauma. In more moderate to severe types of injuries, we will see levels of joint instability (hypermobility) due to ligamentous stretching and micro-tearing. This ligamentous injury will allow for the joints to move beyond their normal limitations potentially causing further injury resulting in a greater chance of permanent impairment to the neck and other spine regions. Proper treatment, utilizing specific chiropractic adjustments, therapies and ligament specific strengthening rehabilitation exercises will have positive effects on the healing process.

When injuries are left untreated joint instability will lead to excessive scar tissue, early onset of joint degeneration resulting in increased pain such as neck pain, decreased strength and decreased range of motion. In milder cases of whiplash, sprain/strain injury you often see a hypo-mobility in joint movement; often a result of the inflammatory response and muscle spasm/guarding. If these types of injuries and joint mobility issues are not treated properly they will often result in aberrant joint mobility (fixation) which can lead to joint degeneration over time.

3. Chiropractic Works to Restore the Negative Impact on the Nervous System

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Thirdly, the reason all people suffering from soft tissue injuries related to automobile accidents or personal injury of the spine must see a chiropractor right away is the negative impact that occurs to the nervous system. Your nervous system controls and coordinates virtually every single function within your body. Unnecessary and increased levels of nerve stress and tension ultimately will have a negative impact on how the body heals itself. Your spinal joints are loaded with hundreds of thousands of mechanoreceptors. It is when these mechanoreceptors are properly stimulated through chiropractic adjustments that a positive proprioceptive response happens in your nervous system. This process will naturally decrease the nociception (pain) signals coming from the nervous system. Ultimately, a well-functioning nervous system will lead to a better outcome for anyone that has unfortunately been involved in an automobile accident, personal injury or sprain/strain injury.