Chiropractic Help For Ear Infections

By: Dr. Alyse LaGuardia Hall

I have to take a moment and brag about the wonders of chiropractic. It’s no surprise that I’m a firm believer in its natural healing powers (I’m Chiropractor number 19/20 in my family), however, when you see it work on your own child it reignites that spark a bit.

The stress level around our house has been a little higher than normal with a teething baby, newly crawling baby, just a 9-month-old in general and moving at the same time. Thus, after a few very unusually fussy days we just thought our very happy baby was just sensing our stress. Then a very long night happened and I realized it might be something else. Kinsley is a great sleeper, has been since she was about 6 months old. However, Saturday night she was up for 3 hours straight crying and only wanted to sleep on me sitting up. Mind you, this is the same girl who has fallen asleep on me maybe 5 times since she was born. She screamed when I tried to lay her back down in her crib. My wheels started turning and I thought perhaps it was an ear infection. Side note: often times babies who could have an ear infection will scream when they’re laid on their backs due to the pressure.

So, to wrap up this very long story/testimony…her father, Dr. Hall (Stucky Chiropractic) looked in her ear Sunday morning and sure enough, her ear was all clogged up and red. He gave her not one, but two adjustments Sunday and we put some natural drops in her ear a few times throughout the day. She slept through the night Sunday night and was a little more herself yesterday morning. I brought her into the office with me anyway and had Dr. Chris (Stucky Chiropractic) do some craniosacral therapy. She slept for three hours when we got home and was like a new baby the rest of the day. She even napped on her back again. It’s safe to say I have my happy baby back and once again chiropractic saves the day. Spoiler, no trip to the MD was needed, no antibiotics or drugs required. Just the natural healing capability of hands and her own immune system’s ability to heal itself.