5 Signs Your Baby Might Need An Adjustment


Is your baby not the happy, healthy newborn you’ve always imagined? 5 signs your little one might need an adjustment.

Infants are brilliantly designed. Their bodies are created to run completely innately and instinctively. Using the intelligence that built their body to express what they need from their mother, when they need it. But, what happens when mom no longer knows why her newborn is crying or uncomfortable? When feeding, consoling, changing and rocking aren’t working. What else could your baby be trying to tell you?

Don’t worry! You are not alone. We see plenty of exhausted and frustrated mothers just trying to do their very best. There are a few common signs and symptoms newborns present with in our center that could indicate that they would benefit from a gentle adjustment.

  1. Colic
    Colic can affect up to one third of newborn babies. Typically, colic presents as a constantly irritable baby who cries or fusses more than three hours per day, more than three days per week, with no particular reason or pattern, except that it is usually worse in the evening. Colicky babies look truly uncomfortable. Gentle chiropractic techniques can reduce pain your baby might be experiencing, eliminate spinal tension and calm their nervous system. They typically respond well following the initial adjustment.
  2. Arching of the back
    Comfortable babies are naturally programmed to assume a flexed body position to easily stay as close to their mother as possible. When a baby presents with a very rigid or stiff spine, and assumes an extension or back arching position when fussing, this is a good indicator that baby is experiencing pain or spinal tension that can be reduced through an adjustment.
  3. Constipation
    Your baby’s conscious mind is directly related to his/her innate survival abilities. These abilities are entirely coordinated through your infant’s nervous system. Chiropractors address the nervous system through an adjustment. If we can alleviate any interference your baby may be experiencing in their spine, he or she will likely become a better pooper in no time. Certain tummy techniques will also be recommended to promote good peristalsis as well as infant probiotics to establish healthy gut flora.
  4. Difficulty Breastfeeding
    If your baby seems uncomfortable during latching, or cannot maintain a latch and releases, it is very likely they are uncomfortable during the process. Most times, babies presenting with difficulty breastfeeding are unable to turn their head appropriately to hold a good latch. This is likely seen with babies who prefer to feed on one side. A chiropractic adjustment can ensure optimal neck rotation so your baby can feed more comfortably.
  5. Head Tilting or Head Shape Irregularity
    There is usually a reason your baby’s head is only tilting or rotating to one side. Head tilting (also called torticollis) can also be caused by a restriction in your baby’s neck. Most times, a gentle neck adjustment can allow baby the freedom to move his or her head both ways without restrictions.Flat spots or head shape irregularities (also known as plagiocephaly) are usually caused by your baby’s inability to rotate the opposite way of the flat spot, which creates more consistent pressure on one side of the head. An adjustment, along with strategic at home exercises to encourage neck strength and normal head shape, your baby will create an ideal head shape.