Kinesiology Tape: What Is It?

“Movement is key to all healing, regardless if you are working with an elite athlete or someone suffering from a car crash.”


kinesiology tapeWhat is the tape that we see on Olympic Athletes, (Like Kerri Walsh-Jennings) and what is the purpose? It’s called Kinesiology Tape. The tape is designed with a bias in the weave that allows it to stretch in one direction, and not the other. When the tape is applied to the skin, it lifts the skin away from the soft tissue, which promotes blood flow. The more blood flow introduced to an injured area, the faster the healing process.

At Stucky Chiropractic, we use a product called Rock Tape to facilitate in the healing of common sports and movement-related injuries; such as rotator cuff, lower back, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and knee injuries.
This video is a great explanation of why taping is an asset to healing. Contact our office to find out if taping can help your condition.

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